Review by Jonathan Burke

Ron would be very proud of

In summation, the Theta Meter Pro is as economical and open ended of a meter package as you can get. It is affordable, upgradeable and hasn't failed once in hundreds of hours of use. Mikhail Fedorov, the designer of the system hardware and application, has put thousands of hours into testing and upgrading this system, and it shows. It is truly a valuable final product worthy of any auditor's investment and highly recommended. The learning curve and adjustment time from analog meters is incredibly short with the intuitive and thoughtful layout of the application. The hardware is as simple to use as plugging in the can leads and switching on the supplied router.

After months of use, I prefer to use the Theta Meter Pro as my go to meter, without reservation. It totals up the T.A., shows the T.A. range and session total time with a touch of the tablet display. Truly a 21st Century Meter for today's auditors that Ron would be very proud of and surely use himself.

Further features will be covered in the full review of the Theta Meter Pro here.

Review by Tommy Thompson

This is the best meter I have seen yet

4 November 2014, 21:34

I got a good Samsung windows tablet, and the meter works well, with no issues or problems. When fedorov first showed the theta meter to me, I was impressed with its response at maximum sensitivity. I have used a Phoenix meter for many years, it had never failed, and up to now was the best meter I had seen. But the theta meter has much better response, and easier to read at high sensitivity. So I would say that this is the best meter I have seen yet, and I think I have used them all. It should make solo nots much easier when you are running at sens 1 and more than a full dial f/n. With this meter, it is possible to find the last tiny bits of case that were a struggle with other meters, and impossible on some. Thanks Fedorov.



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We started working with the Theta-Meter project in August 2008

We use only high quality components For our e-meters. 

We love getting feedback from our users to fully conform to what is expected of the Theta-Meter by our customers.

Our team of designers and programmers is growing every year.

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USB e-meter Theta-Meter 3G nano

I am really enjoying the nano theta meter. One feature I would find useful is a way to save the session summary information into a text file, so I can keep a summary of sessions, and also an editable "notes" field to keep track of changes in awareness, the way things ran, etc. Thanks, Tom

By Tom F / 11 November 2016, 21:09

Really enjoying using your meter

Really enjoying using your meter and gradiently transitioning to it from the Virtual Clarity Meter, which I started with and felt comfortable using.

I find with your's I have less attention on mechanics of the session…and therefore more 'in session'.

by Trevor Johnson / 9 February 2015, 20:48

Theta Meter just works!

The Theta Meter just works, no hassle, simple, effective and awesomely precise.

Mikhail did a great job in setting up this product and associated software, he does just as good with the ordering and shipment process, all clear, simple and effective.

Thanks so much !

Dy Steph P. / 24 October 2018, 18:29

by David St Lawrence

The obvious choice for any professional

I used Mark V, Mark VI, and Mark VII meters for many years. I switched to Theta meters 5 years ago and found them to be far superior in terms of sensitivity, stability, and flexibility. The TA auto reset feature allows for hands-free operation and the needle graph with adjustable time span ensures that no reads are missed. Mikhail provides excellent customer support which is a big plus for me as I deliver sessions seven days a week and depend on my Theta Meters to operate continuously many hours a day. The ability to customize theta meters to suit your own preferences makes them the obvious choice for any professional. I recommend them to my clients also. David St Lawrence

18 November 2014, 10:12

by S. ansu.Nagata

The meter is a great invention of the century

I have Mark 7, claritymeter and virtual claritymeter.
The cost performance and technology of THETA - METER is No. 1.
The meter is a great invention of the century,
I thought that it was a blend of science and spiritualism.
I think that Mikhail Fedorov-san made a really wonderful meter.
I expect that THETA - METER will be popular in Japan.
Thank you very much.

3 October 2017, 03:15


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Theta-Meter 3G nano V2.0

18 December 2017, 13:50 Hi, Let me introduce our new Theta-Meter 3G nano V2.0 e-meter:   We printed a box for this meter at 3D printer and now you can order it in different colours:   Most popular and recomended colour is black. I...

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21 November 2016, 19:30 Hello colleagues,  Let me introduce new program for Theta-Meter e-meter - Theta-Meter Transformer.    It have two different interfaces - Mark VII and Mark V.   You can easily switch interface in Settings.   3D design wa...

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Theta-meter review

It is easy to use and simple to install

The Theta-Meter is a valuable tool for practitioners in the clearing field. It has all the features many other expensive models offer - but at an affordable price.

It is easy to use and simple to install. It's program is customizable for both variations in technical application or personal taste.

The two most prominent features of the Theta-Meter and it's software program have to be the automatic feature - allowing for handsfree use (on both standard and circular needle/dial setting options). Plus the built in graph allowing you to track reads which may have been missed. Another great feature is the ability to record sessions for possible reference in the future.

I use my Theta-Meter everyday in both solo and co-audit capacities. It is a breeze to use. I highly recommend it to anyone in the field needing a GSR/bio-feedback device. Five stars all around - great product, perfect price, and support from the retailer are an unmatched combo!

BM, 2 September 2013, 05:24

Theta-meter review

It's very responsive and readable

Hi Mikhail,

Just audited my first solo sessions on your aptly named theta meter; what a piece of art!

It's very responsive and readable. It shows the bank like the ancient church meters but that ends all comparison.

No more TA adjustment; luxury auditing! No attention on missing F/N’s; just look at the graph! No more folders, works sheets, shields, paper lists, e-meter cases and other dev-t.

EC24 May 2014, 20:54


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